My Daughter was an Astronaut



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My Daughter was an Astronaut is a collection of stories and poems penned by the members of Write Now!

From the hysterical ‘Looking for Mr Squirrel’, to the darkness of “A Life for a Life”, from the glory of ‘Lendal May’ to the mystery of ‘Vienna’, this book has something for everyone.

It’s an eclectic mix of crime and emotional quandary, comedy and reflection; tales of pride, visions of wonder. A ‘dip-in’ book to brighten up a lunch break or to keep you going on the daily commute.

The members of the Suffolk writers’ group Write Now! meet fortnightly, and subject their writing to the cheers, brickbats and hopefully the constructive comments of their peers. They then return home, bruised but buzzing, to rewrite and burnish their work until it receives more plaudits than custard pies.

Here you will find some of our best, most engaging pieces, each one burning bright, and not a custard pie in sight.


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